Hey… Bring the family…

The idea for “Italian Lights; Not Stars” came to me long before I was even writing plays. I have always written, but the idea of writing plays was a childhood fantasy I never actually thought I would pursue.


I decided – one evening – I wanted to find a way – a new way – to share the stories of the neighborhood and the colorful people who live there. Most of them are still there – married to the girl they dated in high school.


Now I have to admit that the character of Feeb is completely fictional. He is a character I was forced to excise from another play and I just bad for the little guy so I gave him his own play.


Other than that – every person in this play is based on one (or more) people who live in the dusty recesses of my past.  Father Donny was a real priest who did drive a kickass Monte Carlo in the 1970s and Finola Ballard was a stunning Irish girl with a very bad reputation. (God bless her!)


The idea of the actual marriage that occurs at the end of the play walks the fine line between imagined and exaggerated. The players in that little drama will remain nameless.


“Italian Lights; Not Stars” is kind of an answer to the types of plays that make Italian-Americans violent slobs who shovel pasta in their faces while belching out memorable lines like “Fuhgettaboutit!” There is also a trend in making Italian-Americans – uh – less than bright.


The list of Italian-Americans who have had a powerful impact on our nation – on our world – is staggering. From the realms of art and architectures – to the sports arena – to the theaters of our nation – Italian-Americans are represented with some of the brightest shining stars.


Make plans to visit the DiMenzo –Bennino wedding this spring. Hey, Paisan… Bring the family…


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