Scott Miller plays Feeb Esposito

Once upon a time, a self-conscious young man was getting ready to drive a pretty young lady home after dinner and a movie.  It was the dead of winter and it was snowing those huge fluffy flakes that coat the sky in a golden glow and seem to take a lifetime to finally touch the ground. 


The two had gone on a few dates, but were still quite shy towards each other and neither knew what the future held.  The young man noticed a large mound of snow and quickly dug his hand into it and flung a ball of it at the girl. 


She was shocked but amused and went to retaliate, but the young man grabbed her arm and the two gently grappled until they lost their balance and fell into the snow bank, inadvertently in each other’s arms. 


Time stopped as they lay there in the snow and the giant flakes seemed to hover right above them.  They were laughing, but eventually the laughter faded and they just looked each other in the eyes.  They then kissed, because nothing else made sense to do.


That young man was me, and that is one of those memories that I can picture in my head like it just happened yesterday.  It was a perfect moment.  It’s moments like these that we all hold onto in our hearts and our minds for our entire lives, because in these moments nothing matters but the moment itself.  We live for these moments.

This is romance.  In a way, we are all romantics, whether we admit it or not.  We all have experienced events that we exaggerate in our minds to grant more worth to the memory.  Often, without realizing it, we strive to create these types of events,  driven by the hope to experience something magical.

I am very excited to be part of Italian Lights, Not Stars.  It’s great to be part of a show that explores positive characteristics of humanity.  Romance being one of many.

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