Brian Barber plays Tommy

Hiya, I’m Brian Barber. I recently moved into Chicago, but I’m no stranger to the city as I lived in Naperville when I was going to high school. I went to college in Virginia where I attended Old Dominion University and studied Communications and Theatre.

After I graduated, I moved up here to try and earn a living as a working actor. Since moving up here, I’ve met many friendly people who live around the area. I love meeting new people and creating new friendships, and I think this is a hugely beneficial characteristic of mine. 

I think it’s really easy to be casual and set people at ease when they are around me. This lends itself to people being a little more friendly and thus helps build friendships that much easier. 

Were I forced to choose one job to do for the rest of my life; I certainly would have to pick something that has me working with and around people.

As a naturally optimistic and energetic person, I find that working with others really energizes me and keeps me going. This really comes forth when I’m working on a show.

You really have to find some sort of common ground with your partners, as you are putting yourself out there in such a personal manner, in my mind. And although this blog is supposed to be an introduction to me and who I am, while still having friendship as a theme, I think I’ve accomplished both.  I hope so anyway.

I really look forward to building these new friendships with this cast.

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