Brian brings the food issue home

Let me start by saying that I love food and everything that it entails. I love eating and making food. I love the smells, sights, tastes as well as that incredibly satisfied feeling you get when you eat just enough without overeating.

And the memories I have, I love those. 

Some of the best times I ever had with my mom was when we used to cook together in her kitchen at home. Her as head-chef and I as her sous-chef, we would create dish upon wonderful dish with her gentle guidance. So there’s that, my much-more-than fond association of food and cooking.

Plus, it’s damn sexy. I was taught to cook, not so that I could fend for myself, but primarily so that I could impress women.

That’s how it began, because I knew food was sexy, I was sexy vicariously (well, I’m sexy anyway). In the act of impressing women, which I did (or tried to do) fairly often, I found that Italian food contained both the sometimes easiest and the most difficult dishes to make.

It was simple to throw pasta in boiling water and create some sort of sauce to combine it with. Whether marinara, pesto, alfredo or scampi, all sauces were just scraps of things to let sit in a pan for a time, letting the individual ingredients lend their own uniqueness to the overall flavor. 

Not because I claim to be some sort of master chef, but just because somewhere along the line, each dish or sauce ended up tasting the same.

The challenge came from challenging myself and trying to mix it up a little bit.  In writing this (and I know how campy I’m going to sound) I am reminded that it’s much like working on this show.

Working together and whatnot, each actor puts in their two-cents with the director, each actor creates their own relationship experience with one another. As much as I enjoy the thought of being a groom in a play that, on the surface, is about a wedding, I’m finding that this is very much an ensemble piece.

Man, that sounded less corny in my mind. But I suppose it’s true. We are all invested in this show, emotionally or otherwise and I think we are all aiming to impress someone with what we come up with either ourselves or someone else. As for myself, I hope it’s a woman that I impress.

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