Brian talks about the Urban tribe

I used to blog constantly. A trend that faded slightly when I graduated from college and found less and less motivation to critically expound upon observations made in and on my life. In accepting my role in this show, I never thought that I would be coerced…oops, asked to write about my experiences, much less given topics at the behest of the playwright that seemed obscure at first glance.

But in thinking about what an Urban Tribe is, I realize that Tommy, my character and his mates are the epitome of said tribe. Granted, I had to do a some  research on what exactly an Urban Tribe consists of, but it’s easy to see with a little enlightenment.

An Urban Tribe is an expression coined to refer to “microgroups of people who share common interests in metropolitan areas.

The members of these relatively small groups tend to have similar worldviews, dress styles and behavioral patterns. Their social interactions are largely informal and emotionally-laden, different than late capitalism’s corporate-bourgeoisie cultures, based on dispassionate logic.” (Maffesoli 1985) Or so sayeth the all-knowing Wikipedia anyway

In my mind, I draw associations of friends that you’ve grown up with, that you have roughly the same conversations with after so much time has gone by. I think of people you know so well, that you know their attitudes and thoughts and mannerisms nearly as well as your own.

I also think of social circles of people that choose who gets in and who does not. Individuals can’t approach the tribe and expected to be acknowledged, much less accepted unless they unseat the head figure of the tribe.

Also, on that note, when I think of an Urban Tribe, I think of a loss of individuality.

As the neighborhood characters of the Italian Lights; Not Stars, Lenny, Feeb, and (my character) Tommy exhibit Urban Tribe qualities, they cease to be Lenny, Feeb and Tommy, but considered as one LennyFeebTommy. 

They are all considered in the same thought and the same breath. To know one is to know another. Not to say that there aren’t the individual dynamics between the three of them, but they are very much a group, with Tommy (the coolest) as the figure head. This stemmed from their lifelong friendships from childhood to present.

All being such neighborhood brats they were forced to grow up with each other and, in my mind, somewhat forced into becoming friends. They enjoy their roles in the group, but I think that comes from it being expected of them and what they are used to

I think I’ve started rambling, or at least I’ve got that quality in my mind, so I’m going to try to wrap this up. It’s been enjoyable to start blogging again, to some extent. However I think I’ve been agonizing for far  too long on how to come to some sort of conclusion. So I’m going.

I’m gonna be out with my Tribe.

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