Leslie connects with Finola

Who I am, in the most relevant and vital sense with regard to my role as Finola, who I am is a girlfriend.

I have four very best girlfriends and they are the center of my world. Some fabulously intelligent person whose name  I cannot recall once said something to the effect of “Friends are the family we choose. Each awakens in us a whole world that did not exist before they came into our lives”.

My girlfriends are my family, my tribe.

As a function of being a girlfriend, I have also been a Maid of Honor. Three times. I understand the exhilarating and terrifying mental ins and outs of a woman about to walk down the aisle.

I know what Wedding Day looks like behind the scenes.

I have seen that glow, that unbelievable radiance over take many a bride.

I have also stared head long into the gaping maw of Bridezilla.

I once had to offer to call a cab and provide a last minute pre-ceremony escape for a bride who would not let go of a potted ficus tree.

Some brides are so nervous they cannot speak. Some brides are so happy they cannot stop laughing. Some brides are sure. Some brides are not so sure. Some brides cry.

A bride seems to hold all the light in the world, each in her in her moment.

While I have never been a bride myself, I have logged many hours in extensive study of the Bride in her natural habitat. And the knowledge and wisdom I bring from these observations in my capacity as eternal Maid of Honor are my most essential qualifications for this role.

Beyond being a seasoned Girlfriend and a frequent Maid of Honor, I am a Chicago girl, born and raised. I really think that says it all.

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